What is a Server? Servers vs Desktops Explained

What are servers? This is an animated video explaining the difference between servers and desktop computers. This video also explains the difference between Xeon server CPUs and Intel core desktop CPUs.

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27 thoughts on “What is a Server? Servers vs Desktops Explained

  1. I've now got to a point were I just write what to look up at collage and then come to this channel to see if there's a video on the topic coz my teacher is bad at explaining things but some how I instantly get it at the end of this channels videos. I thanks any higher being for your presence on this earth and you for what you do!

  2. I am a trying to get a 3D printer going and keep getting a no server found error , can you tell me why , What do i need . yes i am a noobie . I down loaded the 3d software . thanks.

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