VPS | Avenger v1.8 | Presets Preview (No Talking)

VPS | Avenger v1.8 | Presets Preview (No Talking)
– Avenger is now working on Apple M1 native
– switched copy protection from Codemeter back to keyfile
– added: when preset search is visible, the prev/next button will cycle through the search results instead of loading the next preset from the “normal” expansion list
– added “FAVORITE” icon to preset search to toggle Fav’s during search
– added detection for some specific chord ( min7-3, maj7-3 )
– added ARP triggered incremental mod source
– fixed: fx Phaser does not move when spread parameter is modulated
– fixed: arp chord detections hangs on last chord until a full chord is triggered again (happened on specific circumstances)
– FX impulse: fixed problem where textedit did not update the fx
– fixed: osc display did display the wrong start offset in specific circumstances
– fixed a crash: when changing the legato mode on the pitch tab may try to retrigger also inactive oscs that causes a crash on specific circumstances
– fixed a possible crash in pitch-module preset load
-fixed issue with loop playback in multi-loop module in specific circumstances
– fixed midi note hang in specific circumstances
– fixed: drumkit triggers modenvelope, even if osc-only mode is used as trigger for the mod-envelope
– fixed an OpenGL issue that deleted Textures from other application when closing Avenger’s GUI
– fixed macOS: drag n drop onto Wavetable/Resampler sample display is now working as expected
– fixed a possible bug where the Avenger completely muted using sample stacker
– fixed a rare crash when loading presets while the ARP editor was visible

Presets Preview:
00:00 AR
03:58 BA
06:54 BL
07:40 CH
10:54 DR
11:26 FX
12:05 MISC
15:48 LD
19:09 OR
20:00 PD
24:27 PN
26:07 PL
27:18 SQ
36:07 SY
37:00 TG
37:47 VO

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* 47 Filtertypes
* Up to 1000 playing oscs with one note possible

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