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Top 10 Scary FNAF Security Breach Theories – Part 2

Top 10 Scary FNAF Security Breach Theories – Part 2
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Double upload day!! The gameplay trailer for five nights at Freddy’s security breach released recently with the ps5 event, and it was amazing to see how far the series has come. From Scott’s last attempt at being a game designer to being featured next to Call of Duty, Demon Souls, and so many other legendary games. But with a new trailer comes plenty of new details and theories for us to enjoy. That what we’re exploring in today’s top ten list of the Top 10 Scary FNAF Security Breach Theories – Part 2! Only on Top 10 Gaming!

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41 thoughts on “Top 10 Scary FNAF Security Breach Theories – Part 2

  1. Maybe he is able to hide in Freddy because his dad is the owner and it’s Luke one of those situations were he is programmed to never be able to be over rided and he protects him

  2. Ok hear me out- What if Vanny got ahold of Gregory in the end, brings him to Glitchtrap or whatever, and the claw at the end is Glitchtraps final form when he gets into the real world…? Just a theory tho

  3. Am I the only one glad it almost looks like an actual chucke e cheese, especially the animatronics. Sorry, but I dont remember chuckie being 600lb metal freak.

  4. I have a theory that should be on this list-

    that the reason William/Glitchtrap wants Vanny to get Gregory so William can possess him

    it is a bit of a stretch but I mean u cant deny this could be a twist that gets thrown in-

  5. I thought that in sister location, baby said that they would lure the baddest kids in the restaurant and kill them. Or maybe I heard that in the fnaf plus tapes I can't remember which. Either way, my theory is that gregory is also one of the bad kids that gets lured away to be killed, but he ends up escaping. And the security guard and/or Vanny could be looking for him because if he escapes obviously he's going to tell someone and she can't have that.

  6. I believe that vanny and vannesa are both trying to get Gregory and if they don't glitch trap will kill them and vannesa is trying to get him a nicer way while vanny is trying to do it a dangerous way

  7. I have a theory what if the reason glam rock freddy isn't infective by vanny control and helps us is because its the soul of the crying child
    the one in fnaf 4 idk why but if it is then he has to save gregory from vanny and his father

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