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The First Base Raid – xQc Rust PVP Server #2

xQc Plays on the NEW PVP server of Rust! Episode 2. Subscribe: Check out my TopVideos! Streaming …


48 thoughts on “The First Base Raid – xQc Rust PVP Server #2

  1. xqc : they all team up with pros and only 3rd party everything and then they don’t even raid us

    Also xqc : teamed up with Stevie and dafran (2 rust pros, myth has 1 rust pro), literally has people outside his team + dafran farming mats all day long just for him and then he cries cause he can’t win a raid even with 6 players online against fewer people than that and with 140 rockets

    Myth would love to raid you but his players are not as active, he often is the only one farming mats and when you raid him you delay him which pushes back the time for when he will raid you

  2. Imagine crying every time you die, imagine missing every shot, imagine winning one of every 30 fights, and only killing the roleplayers. Imagine myths team shitting on yours with less numbers. Holy shit imagine being an absolute shit bag

  3. xqc, I had a call to do with my teacher today to see if I passed my class and I was nervous for the entire time leading up to it until I started watching your videos man, thank you so much for being entertaining and just an generally awesome streamer.

  4. It's actually funny how myth and timmy reaches exactly where xqc is on the whole fucking map like isn't it too obvious? X is not making fake accusations, he doesn't read chat because of snitches unlike myth. He should just play fortnite with his kid viewers

  5. literally ANYTHING exciting at all that xqc tries to do, those rats instantly metagame him and make it either impossible , or ruin the fun. Just 10 times in a row. I appreciate the 24 hour stream, but the rats completely cuck all content.

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