Server Transfer Update/Char Creation/Prime Rewards – New World

Join me in this New World video as we talk new community updates.

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26 thoughts on “Server Transfer Update/Char Creation/Prime Rewards – New World

  1. You can not transfer a character to a server that already has one, well that's crap. I always have a male and a female character on the same server ugh now I have to start that character all over again.
    Thx for this info Sir.

  2. what is considered a full world? i play on a server that doesnt really get queue times anymore yet my friends were still not able to make their toons on my server because it said it was full, we knew about server transfers coming out so i just told them to play on a different server and then they could come play on mine once they dropped, one of them got placed on a different server after his queue time was done so he had picked the right one but the game moved him during the queue time.
    I havent checked recently if my server is still considered full but if thats the case then my 6 friends all on different servers due to day 1 craziness are either stuck in our servers or forced to move to a completely dead server that isnt full? I dont see how that is a fix, i already missed playing with all of my friends leveling up, now that we are all close to max level i thought we could still do stuff together but this server stuff has been a mess for playing with friends and it sucks.

  3. Amazon: You can transfer to any server and region later so you can play New World now.
    Also Amazon: We lied. You can not transfer to other regions and if yhe server is full where your friends are we wont allow you to transfer there even tough we promised you could.
    Fan bois: I like to get punched.
    Community: Watafak!

    Why didn't you mention the Lies about transfering your character later which was promised to ANY server of your choice? Full or not, that is bs and it should be called out.

    Hope your granma(?) Is doing ok and your mother gets some time to play new world ^_^

  4. Why are people sucking amazons d so hard with this game? Every last person that is actually capable of being objective says that it is overhyped and probably going to die.

  5. The more I watch the more convinced I am to stop playing Genshin and start New World. The only thing stopping me is the aesthetic. Obviously being a weeb I find it hard to get into games like this, but I'm also someone who enjoys gameplay with a lot of depth so I'll definitely check this out. Thanks for your coverage.

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