Server Pred sends dirty video to 14 y/o! He's 😳 as I ask about steaks

He couldn’t resist the temptations


35 thoughts on “Server Pred sends dirty video to 14 y/o! He's 😳 as I ask about steaks

  1. Thank you for saying he was talking to your niece and not a decoy.
    It really lets the gravity of the situation sink in
    not only for the predator but for those watching that this is real these people are out there and they could potentially hurt a child beyond repair

  2. How do these predators not kill themselves after being exposed?

    If I got caught doing the worst shit, I’d blow my brains out. There’s no back to living life normal.

    Unless your change your name and move to some isolated places.

  3. 100% support what you're doing, an online non-profit predator hunters catch more people than a whole d*amn police station with all their authority and equipment and you guys, good samaritans with nothing but a phone and a camera, and more satisfying they're being exposed for this in public rather than just be thrown in a cell without tens of thousands of people knowing where as less then half that number would probably only know about it elsewhere,cops are too busy posing with their drug busts when they posting their pedo busts. it's definitely more efficient to publicly expose them and if they get arrested after it's just icing on the cake, any haters baffle me gives me pedo vibes if they predator protecting mad sus

  4. What a NASTY MF! I've never felt this way about another human being in my life and the way he threw that phone at you really pissed me off as well!!! THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO for these innocent kids

  5. Let me say that even if the cops don't care, the main thing is that you are exposing these people. If I were to get caught doing something stupid, I would say put my sick behind in jail. The fact that these preds have not gotten a bullet in the head or a meeting with an actual uncle is a miracle.

  6. You have haters every day? Dude! As a 56 yo who lived through a childhood chocked full of pedos – YOU ARE A HERO!! Seriously, you have a sainthood in God's kingdom!! You have no idea how much watching these videos brings me a sense of justice after all these years. God bless you and keep you!!

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