Security Guard Dies Protecting News Crew in Oakland

A man whose life of service stretched across the Bay Area is being remembered for the lives he saved and touched. Cierra Johnson reports.

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28 thoughts on “Security Guard Dies Protecting News Crew in Oakland

  1. I just saw this on Gutfeld and it bothers the hell out of me…so sorry for his family…I wish the utmost worst for those on MSLSD and Cnn phony news as they have encouraged and supported horrible crimes like this.

  2. Well… the truth of the matter is the people of California vote to defund Police Department’s all across California and tragically this is the results of their stupidity. I personally blame Democrats and the people of California for their own misery.

  3. left wing new people are all about making people mad so more bad happens and they can report on it and get higher rating charge more money for commercial time they dont care at all the more death and crime the more they like tell every one

  4. The media and NBC Bay Area news (specifically) and their reporters are responsible for this man’s death as they have pushed anti-police policies and helped foster these criminals activities through media propaganda. You did it! You really got someone killed and they can’t see their family again.

  5. not a single day without shoo ting in the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.

    Feel Free to own a Gun, Brave enough to use it.

    if this is how everyday's life feels like in the GREEEatest nation in the world, i cant imagine what kind of hell is the life of the people in the 2nd or 3rd greatest nation in the world.

  6. The people commenting are the same dopes who voted for the public officials that designed this mayhem to occur in the first place! You wanna do something then vote those jerk-offs out of office asap

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