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Samsung Galaxy: How to keep your documents secure

Add an extra layer of security for your confidential documents. Learn how to create a Secure Folder on your Galaxy device.
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26 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy: How to keep your documents secure

  1. But not secure because when I search in search bar its coming and also opened files .. you can try it's not secure.. thank you we hope it's will be fix in next update

  2. Masallah
    EDGE DISPLAY is on of the most beautiful display in the history.
    For the EDGE display make Samsung Next generation mobile .and please make full display without any kind camera hole…..
    flat display and nose display is an old technology..

  3. Oh, cool video. I never thought you make tech videos. Your company is known in making memes and mockery on other phone companies 😂 I just thought you guys are only a Meme Factory ✌️

  4. This is honestly one of the big reasons why I gravitate towards Samsung phones. My Secure Folder Chrome app has a separate Google account where I keep bookmarks for all the important links of certain websites. 😉

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