37 thoughts on “Private server, content planning

  1. Excellent video and excellent work. I recently joined you guys after playing a vanilla server for a good few months, though I wanted to try TBC after a while. I like how TBC feels as charming as vanilla but at the same timeit feels improved along every aspect.. It didnt take me long to decide to make your TBC server my home so I should ty for that 🙂

  2. Is focus of this server only on TBC content while Vanilla content will be bugged beyond belief or you are actually attempting to make a fully working TBC server, with Vanilla content included perfectly?

  3. I love your attention to detail when mentioning why private vanilla servers are so easy. Which begs the question: are you going to be releasing things based on patch updates (I.E. change talents and such) or will it be 2.4 with 2.0.1 difficulty?

  4. P.s please don't put any boosts to a higher lvl I want to play the game & do the lvling that's the point of the game it's not fun when there's only max lvl players that didn't do the lvling I would be a watered down version of what could be great

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