PART 1 Which Survivor COUNTER HERMIT? Identity V New Hunter Test Server

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25 thoughts on “PART 1 Which Survivor COUNTER HERMIT? Identity V New Hunter Test Server

  1. I wonder if Tracy's robot and Tracy herself shared the mark with other survivors, if either body takes a hit will the Hermit have to deal with his 1.20 damage being divided all the way to 5 instead of 4??? Because that's so painful to think about…

  2. Hello mama geisha I think Emma and doctor can counter him easily haha I think so and the new hunter is kinda hard to counter btw nice video mama geisha I really appreciate it can't wait to see your gameplay love from Philippine

  3. Can perfumer reverse shared damage? It'd probably be super hard to do normally, but would it even work? It probably would but still interested to know. Also, even less likely, but could she potentially cancel everyone's shared damage if she's the one hit? It probably doesn't work like that, and can only reverse her own damage, but not sure.

  4. doctor is gonna be a pretty strong counter against hermit! she can heal at an given moment, and when she take polarity hit she can just heal and its all good for her!

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