NEW DEADLINE! Social Security INCREASE & Stimulus Update

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New deadline is set for the next two stimulus packages. An update on Social Security COLa 2022 Increase.

Some democrats want $2000 stimulus checks while bernie sanders is pushing for a $1000 specifically for seniors.

Today’s stimulus update, social security update, SSI & SSDI Update


29 thoughts on “NEW DEADLINE! Social Security INCREASE & Stimulus Update

  1. Go down Throw them all out if we don’t get 2,000 For the old people! We won’t vote for them at all . Hurt the Americans Then we hurt them In votes!!! Impeach Those that are hurting the Americans

  2. NO 5.9% is not enough . Now if what Joe Biden promised Americans on Social Security $2,400 in 2021 plus the 5.9% COLA that would be a start. Now we are going into the 10th month of 2021 and we haven't received any of that $2,400. If we EVER get that money it should be retro. They Now OWE US $2,000. This current administration have failed this country. AMERICANS FIRST. Stop helping everybody else. Biden rating should be negative numbers by now.?????????????????????????????????

  3. I can't believe how many people actually expect someone else to take care of them? I understand really old people who can't work or are disabled, but everyone else expecting someone else to take care of them, how absolutely trifling, sorry, and lazy are they!

  4. This will not be a windfall for seniors. All it will do is help us pay for all the increases that have already happened and will go up again at the first of the year. We will never know we got a "raise". We will still not have any left over again.
    Why don't they help single senior women that are on dissability and have an 18 year old in college? I know a woman that is 58, disabled and has a daughter in her second year of college. This lady is trying to pay all living expenses for both of them and put her daughter through college and she gets a ssdi check for $853.00 a mo th. And that is is. Can you guess what she is living on after trying to shuffle money to pay for college? Exactly $00.

  5. Just because mr. Joe and then other Cinema person decide not to help the people why in the hell are the are the Democrats not doing this by themselves we need help my sister was in Social Security waiting for this or she's dead now my uncle turn in his car because of inflation I believe SSI people live a very very tight budget and the rest of the month they have nothing at all because what they're getting is nothing right now

  6. Biden is doing well with what he has to work with. It is easier to stop something than to add or help something. Trump destroyed our system. Mitch McConnell increased the race space. Since 2008. Now Biden has to fix what Trump destroyed. With 2 spy plants in the Democratic Senate. Manchen and Seimna

  7. 5.9% is not enough
    Medicare Medicaid part B will increased. There go’s the raise.
    Food stamps will be decreased
    Medicare should be hand and hand with Medicaid huge HELP!

  8. Biden gave 90 billion to taliban.
    So its all good. Could you imagine 60,000 white people headed to the border. They would freak out, build the wall and call in the military. Since the us is still 67% white it proves the left is racist.

  9. Just A Step In The Right Direction Am Not Happy The Example Dignity Was The Word."6.2%- Now It Is 5.9 Very Disappointed No Dignity Here!!!"Pelosi Is Not Powerful Any More As She Has Been In The Past!!!"Why Should The Republicans Go Scott Free This Was Factually A Debt Inccurred By The Republucans When Don Trump Was President And Mitch Says The Republicans Aren't Going To Contribute!!!"How Can Nancy Be The Head Of The House And Say She Is So Sad That They Are Not Going With Original Plan 3.5 T.All Because Of Two Senators Sinema,And Manchin!!!"Renege Renege Shameful What Have They Done All Of This Time K.Sinema Was Sent To Washington,D.C. By Independence!!!"She's No Democract!!!"Joe Manchin Am Disappointed And Shame Of Him!!!'The President Should've Handled Both Bills By Himself By Executive Ordet!!!"The Republicans Never Signed For Any Of The Stimulus Checks Donald Trump Just Went Ahead And Signed Executive Orders And You Know This!!!"Who Ever Heard Of Arriving To The 11th Hour And Go Against Your Party!!!48 Yes!!!"2 No Yet These Two Have Power Of Control."President Biden Knows These Two Are A Menace To The Party The Mid-Terms Are Coming In 2022 Am Not Voting Any More After A Pretty Much Life Time!!!"Democractic Senators Can Start Packing Their Bags Because Of These Lose Screws!!!"These Were Very Vital Bills Biden Has Way To Much On His Plate He Might As Well Erect The WHITE FLAG!!!"Unbelieveable!!!"

  10. The 5.9% COLA is a small step in the right direction. The $200 for all SS, SSDI, SSI, RR, VA, is another small step. What really needs to be done is bring SSI up to the poverty line, then adjust ALL other SS, RRA and VA numbers up the same percentage. If they cut the climate green stuff and put that money into the hands of the LEGAL CITIZENS of the country. That would definitely bring Manchin on board. Sinema must have some BIG PHARMA in her ear, pocket, and stock options that she does not want to reduce medicines cost.

  11. Why is the cutoff for seniors $25,000/year and the cutoff for parents $80,000/year? Why is it parents get a boost to their CTC and seniors completely lose their Earned Income Credit at ages 64-65 and above? It has been determined that parents need that help. Seniors have to pay the same living expenses in terms of housing, groceries, taxes and non covered medical costs. I understand that parents need that help. I don't understand why seniors living on slightly more over $25,000/year are excluded and those continuing to work to try to make ends meet have their EIC taken. The COLA just about covers the lost EIC. Why the double standards when it comes to seniors?

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