Minecraft Server on a Microscope Slide

**UPDATE: I’ve run this server on an actual redstone block: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1zx0xV0pWw and on a wood rounter! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5eo5d8F5DU ***

I continued work with my TCP/IP stack and needed a way of testing it… Logically Minecraft was the best solution. I wrote a minimal minecraft server on my PC, avoiding all floating point and only doing the bare bones of what needed to be done (no mining, placing blocks, etc) and made some levers that let me talk into the AVR’s IO ports, itself. Here’s the video of it in action!

It’s an 8-bit AVR processor running overclocked at 28.636 MHz (cudos if you know why). I’ve still got more processor resources to do other interesting things with it :).

Code, HW Docs:



Microscope Slide Server


31 thoughts on “Minecraft Server on a Microscope Slide

  1. at what tps does it run and with the traditional java software you need at least 64mb ram allocated to a server for t to not crash how did a low power microcontroller run it

  2. Ooph… I've had trouble with the P version of the chip, mostly with clocking issues. I'm surprised you got it working without other modifications.

  3. I would be very surprised if that was the case. Maybe program it with just a minimal program that does nothing other than:

    PORTC = 0x03;
    DDRC = 0x03;


  4. I would make sure that the DDR (Data direction register) is set to drive the output high on both pins. If it's not driven hard, you will find that turning the port on can raise the voltage, but not with enough force to go all the way to 5V.

  5. Hey – that's pretty cool. If you want to work on this more, and do other interesting things with it, give me a heads up. It looks like you were using an older version of my design. I have been upgrading it a little at a time. In fact, my newer versions have power over ethernet support or NTSC video support. Give me a heads up if you'd like to coordinate. You can friend me on g+

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