Lost My iPhone, Drone, and ID In Security!! *Worst Flight Ever*

I lost my phone, drone, and ID while boarding my flight to Kansas City and they wouldn’t let me go look for them. Come along with me on the messiest flight of my life lol
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41 thoughts on “Lost My iPhone, Drone, and ID In Security!! *Worst Flight Ever*

  1. All of that happening with a crying scream child near me, I'd have a mental breakdown. As someone who never wants kids, that noise drives me more insane than anything else. I know it's not the parents fault, but being stuck around that with all the delays and worried about lost items.. ouuff

  2. Not like its a problem or anything like it looks really good but is it just me or does she wear that outfit (the gold necklaces and white tube shirt) a lot

  3. As a Missourian, it’s hilarious seeing people from warm, dry places come here any time of year. during the spring/summer it’s humid, sticky, and possibly rainy, during the fall/winter it’s cold, icy, snowy.

  4. I live about an hour and a half away from Kansas city and it was so fun watching the vlog and knowing exactly where you were at. And cat if you thought those yards were big you should come where I live. We have about an acre of yard

  5. Oh my gosh you were in my neck of the woods! It would have been so cool if I ran into you while you were here. I hope you enjoyed your time, despite your horrible flight.

  6. It's so funny to see Cat experience things in the Midwest because I and my family moved to Virginia about a year ago from living and Bakersfield for 11 years And since I moved to Virginia I was experiencing a lot of the things that cat was saying at 6:46 in the video It's so funny because I remember thinking of all those things and I'm watching her video and Saying yeah cat it's rain moisture…lol

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