Koil on Serious and Content RP in regards to server health and longevity | GTA RP NoPixel 3.0

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13 thoughts on “Koil on Serious and Content RP in regards to server health and longevity | GTA RP NoPixel 3.0

  1. People who have watched Xqc (or any other streamer) Rp for 6 months suddenly think they know better than the man who has been running RP servers for almost a decade. Stop crying about cops being the problem, or ratty crims. You are not playing hence stfu. You blaming the wrong person about the state of Nopixel does no good. You just mixing a toxic coctail.

  2. But what is content and you want all types of content? To suggest that Xqc and CG are all just content while Kyle is frustrated that he can't do any kind of conflict RP, is pretty silly imo. You also can't let the cirms do whatever they want but cops are forced to follow strict guidelines either. Time to throw nvl out completely and let bullets fly, I'll just watch in 4.0 after this attitude kills the server.

  3. I mean how NP continues to do well is Koil shuts his mouth and stops adding his inputs into it. He's an idiot. Let GTAWISEGUY lead the way and allow the bigger RP streamers to have some small input into the update discussions and this server will be fine. Koil is too arrogant to do any of that though. He'll keep adding stupid stuff because he treats NP as his personal sandbox world. The only reason NP still has an audience is because top tier RPers like CG, HOA, Burgershot crew, CB etc keep adding scenarios and having a good time.

    The reason it'll die is Koil and Cops continuing to act like Gods lmao. The formula for longevity is pretty simple, it's just that Koil and Cop mains are too brainless to see it.

  4. The rules over RP need to be loose in order for people to get creative

    There also needs to be a lot of different options for criminals to participate in. Otherwise things get boring quickly.

    The limit of 4 really limits the amount of content that can be created. At least IMO

    Maybe make it so when cops get out numbered, which is basically never, then they can bring out imbalanced tools. I don't know, maybe they can bring out the sloth wizard staff or a lazer or whatever.

    It is a lot more difficult for 20 random criminals, with conflicting and greed related motives, to get organized than it is for the police station which is basically a WoW guild that gets heirloom legendary gear for dirt cheap, and can force whoever they defeat to sit in time out for a few hours.

    There are so many different ways in which cops already have advantages over criminals besides numbers. It seems weird to limit the amount of numbers criminals (AKA content)

  5. im genuinely curious; i thought i heard that the plan is there wont be any resets or wipes from this point? so then if it starts being more and more content based and less focus on serious rp, wont it be all content, no serious at some point in the future?

  6. U have to think that the reason 2.0 was so good for content and fun was because everyone got all the money they wanted and cars they wanted. So they were able to stop grinding and make funny situations. It was the same in 2.0 the begining was grindy and towards the end everyone stopped grinding and it was just fun situations. We just gotta get over that hump.

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