Kiara's Fiery Rant About Not Using The JP Server's Resources | HololiveEN Clips

In this video, we are treated to a classic Takanashi Kiara rant! Chat asks her to use the HololiveJP Server for resource collection but Kiara wastes no time in shutting that idea down!
Thoughts on what she’s saying? I think it’s an admirable mindset though it’s not necessarily the most exciting thing to watch tbh

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43 thoughts on “Kiara's Fiery Rant About Not Using The JP Server's Resources | HololiveEN Clips

  1. good method, minefraft is a baby-game once you have the farms built, it's not particularly tough even outside of that.
    building and getting things for yourself is 99% of the gameplay/excitement

  2. Because resources server will make her phoenixton obsolete lol. Joke.

    On serious note they'll realize the important of resources server after resources around HQ start getting scarced and they need to travel far for resources and one day they look at the bill and realize they need $1000 to host their server per month.

  3. But in JP server, resources server was used to minimize the server hosting cost.
    It prevent other members from traveling too far for resources and therefore increasing the map size and hosting cost.

    Having an alternate server that will get reset annually will reduce the cost and also make it easier for JP members to find resources close at home.

    Having to travel so far to mine diamond or any resources when it got scarced.
    Is not so fun afterall especially if the members can't play minecraft so often.

    Also without Resources server there'll be less fun shenanigans like in holoJP, because they'll be reluctant to waste any non-renewable resources

  4. I think the important thing is we should respect however any holomember chooses to play the game. Different people have different playstyles. I'm similar to Kiara, where I like to earn my resources through my own labor to then build and work with.

    But tons of people don't really care for that specific grind, and rather would have the resources quickly and focus their effort on building extravagant structures, or huge buildings. And that's okay! Just because I (or kiara) would play the game one way, doesn't mean I need to push that onto the other Holomembers and let them play how they want. Because everyone gets enjoyment from Minecraft in their own way.

  5. Props to Tenchou for sticking to her Way just like Ame does with her builds. Each girl in EN has a way they like to play the game and that's what make it fun to watch them. Ya know like how Calli still runs around making Iron Tools with no enchants when ever the previous one breaks, Ame builds her farms the AMEWAY, even with IRyS when she joined not even interacting with HQ, just found a little plot off spawn to start digging all the way to making her dirt house.

  6. When Kiara first started playing Minecraft, I remember her arguing with Chat about the ethics of using creative mode to get resources off-stream. She thought that we wouldn't notice, and even if we did, that we shouldn't care about where the blocks came from.

    My, how times have changed.

  7. Well, from my POV, there will be times where going to JP server will help them out a lot and I do not mean just using their facilities.
    For example, Ame could literally make PPP more efficient by going to Pekora's TTT and seeing how that one was originally built.
    Kiara could make a proper trading hall and breeder to make trading less tedious than her town.
    Also, if something is made in EN and serves the same purpose as the JP server, I feel it is totally okay to use it.

  8. If you want a good example of what Kiara is talking about, just look at the opening of the HoloID Server. Those 6 already built up a grand central hub on a brand new world using resources they collected on their own. A much higher sense of accomplishment than if you just connected to JP and grab everything from their convenient farms.

  9. It's not a terrible mindset, but you can easily end up doing a 3 step task in 9 steps if it's not tempered. It is also a product of how much time/eft she put into things, which reminds me of how some long time players of some games get angry about QoL improvements because newer players would have things be easier.

    But this isn't alone to Kiara among HoloEN as much of HoloCouncil were slow to even ask their EN sempais for help or use what EN has for generators. (Though IMO Mumei could make use of that considering how her MC playing intensity is low compared to the others)

    That and the nice stuff in JP servers were set up so newcomers or occasional players wouldn't have to go through the tedious things for niftier stuff/etc. Such things are useful for when zenloss happens, which in HoloCraft isn't uncommon on better days let alone when lava, heights, and/or Pekora are in play.

  10. It's a cheat, it also makes so there is not much sense to progress the server, no learning, just building. I'm glad the ID girls now have their own server, also that Kronii gets her own stuff so it's valuable for her.
    My fear about the merge is that things get out of hand and the EN server ends up looking as the JP one. EN has it's builds merging with the terrain, it has that natural vibe to it. I hope it doesn't lose that vibe and ends with flat terrains with overwhelming colors everywhere

  11. If she doesn't want to use the JP server's resources that's fair, she can play how she wants to play. I would understand reasons like wanting to grow the server or exploring it and creating new adventures/moments on stream in your own space, but suggesting that it's cheating to go to the JP server for resources seems plain ridiculous. If using the TTT is cheating then so is using the PPP, they literally do the same exact thing.

  12. Also the back and forth travel can get tiresome to be honest. I mean, I play in a server where we have an Industrial district/server where all the auto farms, mob farms, basically all farms are located in that area, but instead of going there all the time I just decide to mine and farm in the district I am in because I am lazy to keep going to the teleporter back and forth lol

  13. Reminds me of a thing that a college friend and I would always do with crosswords. We'd each get a copy of the daily student paper and pull the crossword. Then we'd proceed to solve, but we had a set of rules about asking for help/using tools or resources for assistance with answering clues. 1) You can ask/call/text/email, etc. anybody you'd like for help; 2) You cannot use the internet or an encyclopedia to simply look up answers, but you are welcome to use any other books, pictures, albums, maps or whatever else is at hand; 3a) If you ask someone for help, they may use the internet or an encyclopedia, but only if it is done without your knowledge; 3b) If you are asking someone for help and are aware that they are using the internet or an encyclopedia, then you're disqualified from playing for the day.

    Fifteen years later and I still occasionally get text messages from him asking for help with random crosswords.

  14. But you know
    The clippers with "Kiara reaction for using TTT the first time": Oh no, no clip for today
    Also the clippers: Anyway, how about "The reason Kiara doesnt use Jp resources"

  15. It's understandable having that kind of mindset, yes, gathering resources is a very hectic and time consuming task but it feels much more satisfying to see the end result of that said grind, unless of course, you set a form of deadline to yourself

  16. Everyone here is praising Kiara for not "cheating" by using JP server resources. I can't help but see the hypocrisy here. She didn't make any of these EN farms either. And neither did any of the JP girls or EN girls. They looked them up online and copied them into their server. They didn't discover the rules of the game and how to exploit them. They didn't plan and test hypothesis. They didn't do any work. They did the equivalent of copying an essay the found online and turned it in, and are proud of their A+ paper. Actual unpopular opinion: automated Minecraft farms are cheating in of themselves. When you build these, you are cheating. They exploit AI and spawning mechanics to turn survival mode into creative. Its like being proud of beating a boss in a tough game when they got stuck on a door and you shot them to death from afar. If you want to play creative mode, then just do it. Don't pretend your playing "survival". You're just playing creative mode with extra steps.

  17. Man, I hate chat when they spam TTT or Shikemura in the chat when people are about to head to PPP or Phoenixton.

    That said, the allure of easy resources is always there; she hasn't experienced using it. As long as she doesn't visit TTT, she'll keep on using PPP, otherwise she might change her opinion once she tries TTT.

    Also, its the HoloEN's choice whether they'll use JP Resources or not.

  18. This is the same logic Council wanted to apply to Myth builds in the beginning – they don't want to just leech or piggyback off their successes at HQ, but forge their own accomplishments. They also didn't want to encroach and that's helped foster EN server's natural charm. It's true they occasionally use the same resource generators but they seem to do so sparingly. Not having everything handed to you can make for content in the journey. If IRyS had resolved her experience woes with PPP alone, we would live in a world where there was no collab with Kronii, "white gold nuggets", and the encounter with Gura at Atlantis would have probably not played out.

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