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  1. Interesting discussion. But when someone tells you to do something that they are not doing beware. A lot a people are selling hype and fear.

    "You should be homesteading. I would be if I could but I live in the suburbs"

    Chew the meat spit out the bones.

  2. I am subscribed and have notifications turned on, but your video was invisible to me till PJF posted it on patreon. I have been wondering why I haven't seen any new content from your channel in the past several weeks.

  3. listen to the interview on macro voices with Eric Townsend and Stephanie kelton to just hear her basically side step all the questions. She's obviously jostling for position in the new administration. MMT- there's nothing modern about it it's been done before and it always fails.

  4. Some thoughts and talking points on preparedness and patriotism in these uncertain times: The overarching issue of our time is the decline of the US as a prosperous, free, peaceful world power, and the rise of despotic China bent upon global domination. The US is currently under relentless siege by China that asserts economic and other warfare on US and our allies just up to, but not crossing, a kinetic war that would require a military response. Subversive elements within the US such as the biased news media monopolies and astro turf insurgency movements such as BLM and Antifa are essentially forward deployed fifth column traitor subversives. US leftist subversives are operating for, by, and with, China to weaken, destroy, and destabilize US militarily and economically. Antifa and BLM purport to be marxists seeking to tear down and reset US in their systemically racist image via a corrupt Biden regime. From my perspective BLM and Antifa represent the militant brown shirt styled collaborator thugs of the corrupt dysfunctional establishment that is actively colluding with China to destroy US.

    US patriots are now faced with the clear and present danger of domestic enemies gradually destroying US economy, society, government, and culture. The ultimate goal of that insurgency will be to weaken US so badly that China, , etc .. may destroy, defeat, invade, and pillage US while slaughtering and displacing much or most of the US population. The rampant 2020 election fraud is a major development in this war upon US. Manipulations of fraudulent votes and voting machines are a major component of this attack on US democracy, freedoms and disruption of competent governance. Covid 19 may be characterized as a significant new medical condition, exceeding the Flu, hysterically exaggerated for 2020 election fraud, and to sabotage the US economy. The fact that Covid 19 was created and released in a Chinese bio-weapons lab is an alarming escalation of the ongoing and perpetual attacks on US by China. The magnitude of the Covid 19 attack on US is eclipsed only by the pro-Chinese anti-US fake news media propaganda traitors who ignore and obfuscate this fact.

    Reasonable intelligent US patriots should be concerned about the next steps the anti-US subversion movements may take, and to look at subversion movements from a global and historic perspective. Virtually all communist styled revolutions are characterized by massive widespread attacks and genocide against those portrayed as enemies of the revolution. Patriots, Preppers, Christians and the like should expect to be the targets of escalating attacks by the current domestic enemy insurgency antifa goon squads endorsed by Biden.

    The question now is what should patriots and preppers do? … now is not the time for Patriots to act prematurely or irrationally. We should up the game of preparedness. This may include a review of gear and supplies and filling in gaps. This may include greater efforts to create and expand MAGs and networking between MAGs. Greater care to mitigate the inevitable enemy infiltrators, agitators and controlled opposition efforts. In this day of high tech spy gadgets, sensitive discussions could be restricted to hot tub sessions, LOL. YouTube and Patreon groups should provide greater directions to find links to places where intel, communications, bulletin boards, etc. exist. Efforts should be made to aid the vast majority of unattached patriots and preppers to seek out intel, local groups and activities. US Patriots should reject the efforts of the enemy anti-US fake news media to portray Militia groups as crackpots and extremists. We should instead accept the harsh reality that their time has come to emerge into the leadership roles they have long sacrificed and prepared for.

    Patriots should not seek out and engage in violent protests at this time, but do engage in peaceful protests, gatherings, and meet ups as a means to network with Patriots and MAGs. We may view peaceful rallies as a sort of roll call assembly and a venue to network. Large and small family style picnics at parks is a good way to engage and network, while social distancing for Covid 19. Motorcades are a fun, quick, and easy way to show support and comradery in a pandemic safe manner. IMHO it is better to frame events in a positive, rather than negative, perspective. E.g. instead of protesting election fraud, have a downtown or mainstreet motorcade to support free and fair elections followed by a number of small picnic gatherings at dispersed parks. Motorcades are a fun, quick, and easy way to show support and comradery. It is better to frame events in a positive, rather than negative, perspective. E.g. instead of protesting election fraud, have a downtown or mainstreet motorcade to support free and fair elections followed by a number of small picnic gatherings at dispersed parks.

    Close order drill basic training has proven effective at cultivating discipline and precision for centuries. Von Stuben is credited for turning the defeated valley forge rag tag into a dominant military force largely thru drills and better food. An army does literally march on it's stomach, and in an era of mercenaries it was often the deciding factor. Eat well in this time of plenty, as Biden's promise of a dark winter may last much much longer. Small group activities could include regular 'range day' events for gun use and safety training, and a small fee for experts that organize the training would be appropriate. Same thing for first aid, food storage and the many other aspects of preparedness and self reliance. Well organized prepper, patriot, or Militia groups should engage in outreach and training to help develop loosely affiliated MAGs for the majority of unaffiliated preppers and patriots out there.

    Our future may rapidly take a very terrible and horrible turn and the tranquil silence we are now experiencing may just be the calm before the storm. We are now given this little time to take the last minute preparations that may well mean life or death for US and our families if and when that storm breaks down our doors. US patriots may be soon viewed as a free US resistance movement opposing the illigitimate authoritarian globalist regime. We may look to history on how successful resistance movements operated. Generally they are organized in small teams or squads with elected leaders and rank based upon expertise, training, and experience. Leaders coordinated with other groups, and small scale operations were often planned outside the immediate proximity of the group. The WW2 French Resistance is the classic example of occupation by an enemy power.

    The current US trend toward a corrupt illigitimate leftist globalist authoritarian regime is more similar to the 1920 era IRA. Pre-independance Ireland was also generally ruled by ambivalent Irish Loyalists. The Irish Republican Army [IRA] fought for a independent democratic Republic free from long established colonial rule and affiliation. Most IRA activity was non military persuasion and pilfering of enemy resources. Virtually all IRA military actions were small team guerilla ambush, sniping, hit and run. There were few large engagements, all were military defeats and propaganda victories that advanced popular support for the IRA. The 1916 Easter uprising of about 2500 IRA, including large numbers of women, vs. 16,000 British regulars was the largest IRA engagement and one sided defeat. US patriots generally support a strong independent US Republic and oppose the leftist trend toward pro-China globalization, open borders, etc. Hence US patriots, militias, etc may be characterized as an American Republican Army [ARA]. A main difference between the IRA and US Patriots is that the IRA had a clear hard target enemy in the British Army, while US patriots tend to mirror popular support of US troops, veterans, etc. This will make targeting different, and more difficult, for a US resistance to an illigitimate authoritarian leftist regime. The time may be coming soon when patriots may be forced to defend their lives, liberty and property. We should all be prepared for this increasingly likely event.

  5. I was invited out by a conservative friend of mine from California I know all about their tactics and I have a deep-rooted hate for them I did not bring their politics to this state and have made the choice to defend Texas

  6. It's actually worse than "conservatives" think. There's no way they'll let Trump lose. No one can put conservatives to sleep as well as he can. The fact he's been urinating all over the constitution, especially the 2A while "conservatives" make excuses for him or look the other way is proof enough. The next 4 years will be him dismantling the foundation of America while his base worships him like an idol. Enjoy your "4D Chess".

  7. We have a communist coup via massive voter fraud, funded and organized by the Globalists, that is in progress. We are in very serious trouble, and there does not appear to be a way to avoid CW2. Trump's lawyer have sufficient evidence to keep him in power, yet his administration believes he should concede, and the corruption in the courts is deep. There are no guarantees except that violent to follow with the results of the election. If Trump is out, this is the end of our Republic… Harris would purge the country of conservatives with great prejudice. Highly recommend Matt Bracken's Gab page. It keeps me up to speed.

  8. Sam, do you follow Dr. Steve Turley? He thinks we are on the cusp of a new Conservative Age as lefties don’t have children and the Amish and Mormons have upwards of 8 or 10. Now if things get bad, welfare mamas can’t continue to just have kids, and there are more self-described conservatives in high school now (30%) than millennials (22%) than gen xers (18%) and than boomers (13%). There is also a rising middle class in Mexico lowering the draw to America. Given these factors, I don’t accept the position that it is going to be a shoe in for the left going forwards and we will all be forced into hormone therapy for our toxic masculinity.

  9. Whoever asked if the left was frantic. Check out the Jolly Heretic YouTube channel. He is an evolutionary biologist and he basically says that most leftists are mutants who would not have survived to adulthood under natural conditions. Since 84% of genes are mental, they are literally mental mutants.

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