Infinite Lagrange | New Server Angulum!!

Hey up Lads and Lasses, new to the channel is Infinite Lagrange. I will be covering this game from now on with a video every Thursday. Walkthroughs, Guides, Tips and Tricks is what my channel is about
and I will be applying the same here to Infinite Lagrange. Hope you enjoyed this video I’ll get more out in the future and some with a bit more gameplay elements especially when covering the ships and fleets.
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17 thoughts on “Infinite Lagrange | New Server Angulum!!

  1. Gonna be interesting in excited for another new game mode though I still want a mode that's along the lines of defending the system from outside invasion be it a corporation or extra terrestrial in nature…

    Instead of flares destroying cities players must defend them from attacks or see them destroyed

  2. I hope that new ship that they showed is going to be something just for salvage something with a large storage that will run back and forth between your base and the salvage

  3. This could either be very fun and unique or absolutely horrible by taking all the things people find frustrating and putting them into one game mode. I look forward to more information!

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