I'm Disappointed in Steel Wool (FNAF: Security Breach)

Steel Wool is the studios currently working Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach. They were also behind the VR FNAF game Help Wanted. As someone who has been a fan of the franchise for over 7 years, I’m personally unhappy with what Steel Wool has been doing with FNAF.

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27 thoughts on “I'm Disappointed in Steel Wool (FNAF: Security Breach)

  1. Glad this video is already reaching people, kinda disappointed by the amount of people disliking lol
    I know FNAF has a pretty decent amount of kids in the audience, maybe that's part of it, but I'm just kind of disappointed that the audience is that close-minded. This is a personal opinion based on my interpretations, experiences, and beliefs. It's just kinda sad that people are so bothered by differences in opinion nowadays.

  2. This is a straight up pathetic video. It is literally impossible to make a video shitting on a company that hasn’t even released their final product yet. It’s not kids disliking the video, man. It’s just a shitty video.

  3. I totally disagree..first the animation plan was Scott cawthon so u cannot say about Steel wool.. Steel wool just make fnaf games they cannot take their own decisions .. It is all Scott plan .. second , only 2 yrs the fnaf is delayed .. think about cyberpunk 2077 the Devs made that game for fricking 7 yrs and it was fully bugged .. Do you want to experience a fully functional game or just playing with bugged game .. Scott said that the game was delayed because he is adding some new stuff inside the game on his reddit .. He wants to make the game interesting and fun to play .. no just like every year a game releases

  4. Don't want to hurt Scott's feelings because he makes the best FNAF games through out the years. This was my childhood horror game had fun playing it too and I don't think about being Disappointed at Security Breach just loving it.

  5. I didn't really mind your complaints until you started badgering Steel Wool about the release date. Yes, it's taking a long time, but that's because they are trying to make it as best as it can be. If they had released it so soon, it wouldn't be good.

    And then you complained about them not putting effort into the cartoons, but then complained about them existing? Like, these guys are not an animation studio. They could make brand new animations for every episode, yes. But that would require them slowing down progress on the game itself, thus producing a less polished experience.

    Not to mention, I'm pretty sure it's somewhat trying to poke fun at old Hanna Barbera cartoons, which re-used a lot of animation, not to mention Fazbear Entertainment is known in canon for being a cheap and anti-consumer company, meaning they wouldn't put very much budget into some 2 minute cartoons.

    Plus, you also complained about there not currently being a release date, and yet the cartoons are building one up. It's honestly quite clear they are putting together a release date via the trailers. Plus, leaving very little information will build hype and create mystery about the game. Isn't that the case with every other FNaF game?

    Honestly, I couldn't care if Steel Wool takes the series in a negative direction, because this is what Scott had chosen. He chose Steel Wool and therefore, has faith that they will make the product he envisioned. If Steel Wool was truly taking the series into a negative direction, Scott would be pulling the plug. But he isn't.

    Honestly, I don't tend to hate videos or opinions. If you have a good reason to disagree with something, I'll respect it. But you really just went overboard with this video. You acted like Steel Wool have no idea what they are doing and that they are taking the series in the wildest directions, but in reality, they are being supervised by Scott, and therefore, no matter what way it goes, like it or not, this is the way Scott wants to take the series. This is how Scott wants the series to be revealed. These are all Scott's actions.

  6. What their doing is the same kind of BS we get everytime a fnaf game comes out. A little game play, a few teaser in images the only thing different about this game is that a bigger company is working on it and make it worse Scott himself said this game was earthier comming out late this year or early next year due to how big the games gonna be were not messing with one guy who working himself to the bone it a company sure it sucks that we just getting information from a very poor, very low budget looking show that looks like Freddy fazbear company would have made as a propaganda but it still the same way we got info like before

  7. U only complain about it being pushed back over and over but I'd rather wait for the game to be completely finished and polished than have a buggy game that people will hate of for being unfinished and this is isn't like all of Scott's previous games which were made in like 7 months each this is a full free roam game with better graphics ofc its gonna take longer :/

  8. I personally agree with almost everything in this video. I like what Steel Wool is doing with the franchise. But I do agree the marketing is shite. Also I have to correct/tell you some things.

    1: Steel Wool said the reason the gameplay trailer didn't look so good is because it was footage from a beta version of the game.

    2: Scott is still a big part of the game. Steel Wool confirmed in a Q&A that Scott has a say in everything they do. And if they feel comfortable enough they will ask Scott what he thinks of a concept they have.

    3: Fnaf: Security Breach is NOT a triple a game. And Steel Wool is NOT a triple a studio.

    Just wanted to make things clear. And I'm very VERY hyped for this game. And if its bad at least we have something to laugh at. And plus with how long this game is taking I'm sure it will be at least OK.

    And also I'm sick of Afton. I hope that after this game they just stop using him and use a new villain. (I know that Vanny is somewhat a new villain but she is still being controlled by Afton and a bunny so that still means he's still the villain.)

    Thanks for coming to my TED TALK.

  9. I pretty much agree with what you said and hopefully security breach will achieve the same level of creepy that the other games did and probably it will be a good game.

  10. Point and click: 3 months to make or less than a YEAR.
    Big free-roam game: 2 years or more.

    It's normal to be disappointed or angry, because it's not the same lazy game that can be made less than a year.

  11. Imagine shitting on a Game that I bet U couldn't do better at making, plus Steel Wool even said that the clips in the Gameplay trailer said that they used old footage of the game, I cannot imagine how polished the game would be, on the other hand Fnaf + is just a recreation of Fnaf 1, I don't see the hype about that shit

  12. Dude, I don't really agree but whatever.

    I just want a free roam fnaf, the story must be good if we are only surviving
    One whole night

  13. scott wrote the story for help wanted and security breach, and probably came up with the idea of freddy and friends on tour as well. He's the one hiring voice actors to play the roles in them and probably wrote all the dialouge. The release date is being revealed one digit at a time every two weeks one of these teasers comes out. Steel wool is not the team taking over fnaf; scott stated himself that he is choosing a specific person he trusts to run it, not the team working on security breach. Don't blame steel wool if you don't like this stuff, scott has final call on everything

  14. As much as I am happy that security breach is finally coming out this year and steel wool are actually marketing the game now, the marketing for sb back then was horrible and those months of dead silence from sws was awful, WE GOT MORE NEWS ABOUT THE BOOKS AND FNAF AR THEN WE DID NEWS FOR SB FOR GODS SAKE!

  15. Okay im going to respectfully disagree and agree I know that sounds confusing but allow me to explain…sure the whole fact when we heard that scott was gonna pass it over to someone or to a company was a bit worrisome because scott by himself created and made one of the best indie horror game series till this day and tbh I think is what made fnaf such a lovable game because it was crafted by one man but steel wool I think proved themselves worthy of handling fnaf with scotts guidance by giving us fnaf vr and that game to me was amazing now about security breach I do think we having to wait this long is annoying but I think will be worth the wait because what I think they are trying to do is to make a game worthy of scotts legacy and to the fans likeness so they are taking as long as they need to make this game the best is should now on to the cartoons I feel like this is a good way of teasing the game while also keeping that old era of animation in because if you remember back when cartoons were being made animators would reuse animations to save on time and knowing what freddys compony whole deal of cutting corners I feel like this fits and is something scott would most definitely do if he had the time to do so

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