HP Proliant DL580 G2 Linux Server

This is my Linux webserver.

Here’s some quick specs:
Make & Model: HP Proliant DL 580 G2
Form Factor: 4U
Dimensions: 26.5 x 19 x 6.9 in. (LWH)
CPU’s: 4x Intel Xeon 2.8 Ghz processors
CPU architecture: i686
Ram: currently 4GB’s – Maximum 32GB
Hard Drive: 1x 36.4 GB SCSI Drive – 4 slots, hot swappable
Graphics: Integrated
6 PCI-X slots
PCI 2.2 Compliant
2x 800w power supplies
7x Hot Plug, redundant fans
OS: Fedora 15 (KDE of course)

I’m not the biggest fan of KDE 4 just as my own opinion, I thought 3.5 was purely magical. I experimented with Gnome on this machine already and KDE runs leaps and bounds over Gnome. I probably would have considered an Ubuntu setup, but since this is an i686 architecture, Fedora was the best and pretty much the only option.

I searched all over distrowatch and downloaded Ubuntu’s server edition from their site, but it wouldn’t work in this machine. It kept complaining about the CPU architecture so I went with fedora. I love a Debian based machine, but a Red Hat based system is just as good for me 😉

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46 thoughts on “HP Proliant DL580 G2 Linux Server

  1. I recognize that this is an old video and that you may have moved on by now but wanted to thank you for posting.В  I worked on the design team for this machine and am pretty proud of what it accomplished.В  When launched, this was the most advanced server of its kind and offered better performance and reliability than anything else in this category.В  It was also the first server in the x86 world to support hot plug memory and to implement light based diagnostics in the chassis itself.В  VERY fun project and pleased that you liked it.

  2. The server will have a standard optical drive where you can just insert the cd and install it from the disc. Make sure the fedora release is also i686 compatible as that is the CPU architecture of these servers.

  3. Then you should already know about the DL360 models that are so high pitch that it sounds like screeching metal, or jet engines which is not at all what this is. This server is really not that bad for sound. Besides, loud is not necessarily frowned upon for computer geeks. Many geeks really like it.

  4. Well, it's louder than some custom built PC's, but I've worked with loud servers and this one is definitely more quiet than those. Just run some more searches on here man, and you'll come across some much louder ones, and yes, this is a home web server.

  5. Absolutely! But to run a webserver and or even a file server that you could remote to, doesn't require spending anywhere from 4 to 6k for a more modern server. That's senseless spending for someone like me at home. Even after I made some significant upgrades to this server, I still only paid 110 dollars and that is what I refer to as Smart Shit.

  6. If you live in the Atlanta area, you can order from cablesandkits[dot]com and pick up locally from them if you're willing to make that drive. I have a DL580 G3, and no major retailer carries that plug because its use is very rare.

  7. Hard? The power cable is very common now a days.. It's a IEC cable.

    These are good, I own 6 of these DL580 G2's there still running excellent.

  8. Thank you for your fast answer.
    Yes Google is a good friend, but he don't tell me all the secrets 😉 . Can you tell me witch version of iLO-Firmware you have. That will help me to find a working solution?

  9. Well, this is situation requiring a firmware install and I don't think it's available anymore on HP's website, unless it's been moved. I take it you've already confirmed this in the Bios? I wish I could be more help for that particular question, but I don't think I can be. The only solid advice I have is continue to search Google. It's your best friend on the internet.

  10. yeah if all lights are green then you should be go for launch. Just has to be an i686 based OS, otherwise, yeah, nothing will install. I know I continually tried to get the i686 version of Ubuntu installed, but for some reason, the iso I kept downloading was not working. The site said it was i686, but then the server said not an OS with matching i686 chipset, so I just tried Fedora 15 and it worked like a charm. Have you tried an external disc drive to rule out the internal drive?

  11. This is a odd one was on the phone with HP for 5 hrs today trying to solve the issues, we flushed the CMOS and all sorts, only error i get is the none Diskette error, where it thinks there no disk in the the drive, but funny enough i tried booting from USB and that didn't work aswell every thing is in working order, all light are green, the HP engineer suggested me replacing the motherboard but surly it shouldn't have to come to that

  12. Have you received any error messages upon bootup? I know that this servers architecture is an i686, which tends to limit it a little more by today's standard CPUs. If you watched this video to the end you saw that Fedora 15 boots up just fine, and no, I did not have any issues installing it. Was your 16 GB of ram an upgrade or was that how you bought the machine? Make sure your ram is exactly matching correctly with no errors or yellow lights when you close up the case. Yellow is bad.

  13. Hi i have one of these with 16GB of ram but im having issues installing any os, just simply will not boot to cd, cd drive works fine, did you have any issue installing your os?

  14. You can't just stick any processor into a computer, even if it's a 64-bit architecture. Take the i7 for example, just because it's a 64-bit chip, doesn't mean you can upgrade an older machine that could only take on the Core 2 series. The i7 is a completely different architecture. The same rules apply to servers. Since you have the same server as me, I can tell you now, that this particular server will support up to the Intel Xeon 3.0ghz chip. No more, and nothing other than the Xeon.

  15. i have a small question … if is posibil to change upgrade procesor to raplace whit somthing on 64 bit ?? i have
    HP Proliant DL580 2nd Generation
    CPU's: 4x Intel Xeon 2.8 Ghz processors
    CPU architecture: i686
    Ram: 8GB's
    Hard Drive: 4x 36.4 GB SCSI Drive
    2x 800w power supplies

    and i want to upgrade if i can do that whit 64 bit procesors

  16. @10chadjordan01 Yeah i got lucky with mine, i had a friend who had a hp proliant g5(dual core 3.0ghz xeon 2gb ram & 2x 72gb sas) traded my ipad for it lol. I bought 2 more sas drives and 4gb of ram and even before the ssd's it flew, but now its a rocketship!!!! soon to be getting a xeon quad core in it at the same speed. What is your server's function? I use mine to host a minecraft server a stream media to the devices in my house.

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