How To Install POP3 – SMTP Mail Server – Windows Server 2003

How to video for installing and configuring pop3, smtp mail server on Windows Server 2003. Visit ServerVideos.Com


27 thoughts on “How To Install POP3 – SMTP Mail Server – Windows Server 2003

  1. Hello, I did the same thing. It works on the server, but I have a problem. I cannot send or receive e-mail in 2003, I get an error like how can we send and receive e-mail. This has become a very serious problem. One of the recipients cannot send the message because the server is rejected. The rejected email address: '[email protected]'. Subject 'Test', Account: 'yz', Server: 'yz', Protocol: SMTP, Server Response: '550 5.7.1 Cannot transmit for [email protected]', Port: 25, Secure (SSL): No , Server Error: 550, Error number: 0x800CCC79

  2. Very nice tutorial. I have a SharePoint local dev environment comprising of 3 virtual machines – domain controller, SQL server and web server. I want to set up SMTP service so users can send emails to one another within this environment. Does it matter if I enable the Mail server role on the domain controller VM or the web server VM from the perspective of following this tutorial?

  3. I have a domain name from Godaddy and 10 emails from google. How can I set up the mail server to send emails outside using the above domain name and email . Please help .

  4. Please i still find it difficult to understand because am kind of a beginner in networking. I recently purchased a domain name and 5 mailboxes from What i need is, i want to set up an Axigen mailer server and Mozilla Thunderbird to use to receive emails from various clients through the internet on my public address assigned by my ISP .

  5. Thank you for your response Sandeep. Please i have the following questions.

    1.) Please can you tell me how to assign a public IP address to it.
    2.) Can i use my current internet service provider public IP address?

  6. The server in the video has a private IP address, in order to send email to other email address over internet we need to assign public IP address and in order to use public IP address you need to purchase it from Internet Server Provider.

  7. hello. i did everything as you instructed in this video and i tried to send a mail to email created in the local domain and it delivered but when i tried to send to a different email address like, it didnt deliver. What can be done?

  8. It should be windows server, as user accounts on XP and Windows 7 are maintained on local database therefore users information is available local only not throughout the network, where as user information on Windows server is integrated with Active Directory which is a centralized database and is available throughout the network.

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