How to Install $POP Master Node on a VPS

Quick tutorial on how to get the $POP Master Node software installed and running on a VPS.
VPS I’m using is from SSDNodes..

This assumes you have some form of console access through VNC or other methods.

Commands used in the video below:

# Create a new non-root user
useradd -m -U -G sudo -s /bin/bash pop

# Change password for new user
passwd pop

# Install xfce4 desktop environment and lightdm
apt install -y xfce4 lightdm

# Install popnetwork-masternode (version as of this video is testnet 0.2.3-alpha)
# Browse to the popnetwork github and grab the latest version


sudo apt install -y ./popnetwork-masternode-v0.2.3_amd64.deb


4 thoughts on “How to Install $POP Master Node on a VPS

  1. How do you get to the first console? The one where the video starts from? I never used a vps and I was gonna buy one but I obviously don't want to do that before understanding everything. Is that screen what you find when you open the vps?

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