How to Create a Proxy Server Using FreeProxy In Windows 7

In this video I will show you how to setup your own free proxy server on your home computer. I use FreeProxy by HandCraftedSoftware, which can be downloaded here:

In order to get a dynamic DNS, I recommend using
Edit: dyndns doesn’t appear to work anymore. Use instead.

I only suggest using this for legal reasons only. I take no responsibility if you get caught using it illegally.


32 thoughts on “How to Create a Proxy Server Using FreeProxy In Windows 7

  1. Hey I have a problem so ever time I go to “ use the following up a dress “ it turns off my WiFi I think it’s because I have a password on all the connections I’m accessing? Please help what do I do?

  2. I tried this with no luck. I can't connect to the dedicated PC I have the software running on.
    I created a static IP. I happen to use the same IP it already had but made it static on I.E and in my router.
    I changed the port from 8080 to something different. I want to use this for both on the local and when
    I am not home. Not sure why its not working.

  3. Will this work only on a local network or if traveling I could could connect and surf through my home internet and its IP.
    I need something that will let me surf but everything goes through my home true IP address not the 192…..

  4. Ok so yah could you explain how this works on google chrome cause im half way threw the process and wont let me use internet now on my computer so thats a piss off… id really appriciate it

  5. this is not a real proxy server…. it makes a "proxy" inside of your private network….. your PC goes to your "proxy" your "proxy" goes to your router, your router goes to the web. a proxy server will go from router to a proxy to web back to proxy to router then to PC….. this seem very fishy

  6. …and you have now installed a free TROJAN HORSE on your computer which masks as a proxy server while it sucks all it wants from your computer silently… this idiot is either AN IDIOT(with a MASSIVE ego) or he is scripted to appear as harmless(and sooo cleva).

  7. Are you familiar with trickster online? Will this work with that? I would like to start my own private trickster server and need guidance and help how to begin. I have the server files.

  8. Hi, thanks for this video, very good. I've gone through all the steps, everything is checked, but now my question is how do I get on this proxy server from another location? I hope you can tell me how to do that, because that's what it's all about.

    best regards, Robert

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