How much do I make as a server??? ~Week in my life~EP. 40

Hi everyone!!!
Welcome back!! Today we back again with another week in my life as a server video! I hope ya’ll have had a great weekend and I will see you very soon with another video!! 💗

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32 thoughts on “How much do I make as a server??? ~Week in my life~EP. 40

  1. Friday saved the week, but that’s the server game! I used to bartend a double Saturdays on the patio in the summer and money was amazing! Now that restaurant is closed down!

  2. Hi Sav, Friday saves the week for you! I watched your video while my husband is making dinner for us. I made him come into the other room to tell him how lousy people were tipping you😄. I get all worked up for you. Very happy that Friday was a better day. Hope your weekend was good.

  3. Hey Savannah. Can’t wait to receive my custom order from you.
    It’s been tough at my restaurant too. Hang in there girl. The holidays are right around the corner 🤑🤑
    Keep it up ❤️

  4. Sav, do you think you will have the pooh and friends binders back in the next couple of months? I'm getting my niece started with the whole business, and I thought those were so cute!! Thanks 👍!! 😻

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