Hosting a meme contest!

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15 thoughts on “Hosting a meme contest!

  1. You know that moxieco gave you his happiness? They are getting abus3d, bullied by his friends and gets ignored.

    Why do you hate him? You dont care about that he loved you, and still does?

  2. I guess u hated me just bc i bully ppl? The drama is over why do u hate me? Ik u wanna break up with me and will be on red side i get it just bc am rude? Yk stress makes u very rude thats why? I faked my happiness for u and our kids.

  3. So I'm hosting a meme contest! I hope at least 3 ppl join 😆
    So here are the rules
    1. No bullying
    2. No copying
    3. Swearing in the meme is allowed (Animation memes are also allowed)

    Memes you can make:
    Keygen Meme (Favourite)
    Plug me in meme (Favourite)
    End is near meme
    Machine gun meme
    Kerosene meme (Favourite)
    Tryphobia meme
    Flowers meme
    OCs you can use:

    Orange husky skin
    Dark brown eyes
    Age: 13
    Personality: Kind, Sweet, Funny, Defensive
    (good for Cute and friendship memes)

    Rare red and white
    Rare green clothes
    Demon mask
    Light green eyes(normal), sparkle green eyes(Mad/Crazy), Full red eyes(Angry/Evil)
    Age: 12
    Personality: Sly, Fast, Mean
    (Good for sad and evil memes)

    Rare whiteish brown
    Pink Pyjamas
    Bunny headband
    Pink eyes
    Age: 13
    Personality: Caring, Friendly, Super cute
    (Good for cute and love memes)

    Hope y'all join!!

    Psst btw the tag me in it and the hash tag is #AmbroseMemeCon

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