'GROUND BREAKING' Dev Server Overview / War Thunder

Patch notes:

Today I show you everything you need to know for the up and coming major update “Ground Breaking”. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.

00:00 INTRO.
00:22 Introduction to the dev server.
01:28 Aircraft Fixes/Changes
01:12 Helicopter Changes
01:34 Aircraft model & cockpit updates.
02:05 New Locations and Maps
02:22 Hidden Data mined vehicles
03:00 Economy Changes
03:46 Landing Gear and Breaking Changes
04:07 New Aircraft
08:13 New Tanks and ground things.
11:32 New Ships.
12:05 Outro.

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27 thoughts on “'GROUND BREAKING' Dev Server Overview / War Thunder

  1. Well, if the servers are struggling to handle the amount of wagers, backups, and whatnot – why not just allow us to "sell" them? Doesn't even have to be for much. For example, I'd gladly sell best squad wagers since I never play in a squad. Just grind up the unwanted inventory items into SL or a tiny amount of GE(for some of the more coveted ones, like GE wagers.)

  2. Does anyone else not find it a problem that Gaijin just poops out a premium Mig 21 and slaps it with R 60s. Meanwhile back a while they just took away the R 60s from the event Mig 21 PFM.

  3. "40% reduction in rewards for destroying AI controlled vehicles" eh? Thats fine, i didn't want to play War Thunder again anyway… thanks for giving me a reason, Gaijin.

    Seriously, what the fuck? Not everyone is a master at this game, some of us have to aim at the low hanging fruit in order to make any progress at all, ESPECIALLY with the brutal grind past Rank 3!

    Not to mention the continuing downward spiral of Fleet mode. Yeah, UK gets an Iron Duke class battleship from 1911, while the Americans at the same battle rating have a COLD WAR DESTROYER WITH AUTOLOADING GUNS AND RADAR THAT WOULD BE SCIENCE FICTION TO THE MARTBOROUGH.


  4. Russia T-80BVM, Germany Leopard 2A6. Where is the Japanese Type-10? Only Russia and Germany get new stuff… this game is getting worse by the month.

  5. Sweden's lowest IFV is actually 2.3 in the form of the Pbv 301 and yes it does look stupid when you're playing an M3 Stuart fighting a 20mm Swedish Coldwar IFV

  6. Ash I do have to say I love the fast pace that you give information about the dev server. For example you don't talk about a small change for a whole minute…
    Big fan!

  7. The MiG-23MLD is going to be huge if they un-gimp the R-23 and R-24. Those missiles paired with that radar are going to be very potent.

    Also love the double standards with the MiG-21SPS-K getting a bunch of ahistorical missiles because its a German premium while the PFM is stuck with subpar weapons (despite better options existing historically) because its a Russian event plane. Utter BS.

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