Government Banned VPN?

Hello Friends
In this video, I will talk about VPN and how Government has indirectly banned vpn by putting regulations to it that vpn companies would have to keep logs for 5 years. This clearly states that vpn companies in INDIA will keep records and the main function of vpn which is keeping its users anonymous will end. Now these companies would save the logs which results in more server usage and more charges for the vpn and even after this they will become ineffective. Share your thoughts in the comment section.
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27 thoughts on “Government Banned VPN?

  1. Sarkaar har kisi ko lapetna chahti h bs … har bnde ko gulaam banana chahti h… agar koi inke khilaaf fb pe post kre to … to is tarike se bando ko lapet sake … ye h perpose.

  2. The of the only reasons to live in India is freedom , is gone now….it's a semi-democracy at present. A big big BIG F*CK YOU for whoever came up with and approved this.

  3. Ye to bada hi bekar chij ho rahi Hai Sarkar sab pe najar rakhana chahati hain 😄
    Future men ye bhi ho Sakata hain k Har insan ke piche ek flying Dron laga De isliye k wo Adami usaki life jite-jite crime to nahi karane lag gaya ho.

  4. Chalega……private ssh and other tunneling ata hai phir onion bhi hai aur porn itna hi dekna hai toh torrent use karlenge. Chuttiye pm ko frauds and development pe kuch announce nai karna bas ban yeh woh chaman chuttiye sab politics buddhe lok

  5. I fully support this decision of the government. In the riots that happened recently in Jodhpur, Rajasthan; some bad People commit crimes by being anonymous. Even during the farmers' agitation in Delhi, the dirty organizations carried out the riots by making the farmers a protective cover.
    Don't you think that VPN must have played a big bad role in all these riots?

    safety of our people and families is more important than this useless work, dirty satisfaction and dirty thinking.

    "Make your personality in such a way that you do not have to use VPN, make your personality in such a way that women feel safe with you."🥰

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