Easy and Cheap Home Security Upgrade You Can Do Right Now

Follow me Nerds, as I show you how I easily beefed up my first line of defense in case of a home burglary attempt… my front door. вћ¤ ***PLEASE SUBSCRIBE*** …


12 thoughts on “Easy and Cheap Home Security Upgrade You Can Do Right Now

  1. Great Tips! However quite surprising / amazing the difference we have among our countries… In Italy a good entrance door is made of a steel frame, and there are additional rod pins to prevent burglary. Additionally, there are at least three rabbets for noise / thermal insulation. Everytime I am surprised how many differences there are in our world

  2. ????? Cool, already have this. And, waterproofed my shower so well my father said "cussword cussword!!!!! If it ever does leak, you won't know!!!!! Cuz it'll come out on the cussword ROOF!!!!! ?" ??????
    SORRY! But, when I build, I like to think of every "OMG" situation ?

  3. It's funny that you see people buy hundreds or even thousands of dollars of security equipment and cameras but never make this upgrade that costs less than $1. This simple upgrade plus a security door would be great upgrades for most homes I would think, but I'd never sneer at a good security system. Maybe future content could include security door or security system installation, I'd watch that.

  4. Thank you for the home safety tip. My only concern is that the 4" screws might penetrate some wiring or piping? But I might just be talking nonsense. Thank you.

  5. In Europe we use upvc doors and frames. You can hit them with a battering ram and youРІР‚в„ўll just bounce right off it.
    The UPVC doors also have multipoint locks so when you lift the handle prior to locking then this fires bolts in to the frame all around – like 2 at least on each side and top and bottom of the door in to the frame. Seems crazy the yanks have single point locks. You need bolts on all 4 sides of the door really

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