DNews45 – Surfshark One, WhatsApp Backup Encryption, Biggest DDOS Attack, GoDaddy Terminates Hosting

In this video I’ve shared some interesting digital news from the previous week like New Linode data centers in India, Surfshark one plan launched, WhatsApp backup encryption to come by year end , Biggest DDOS Attack in history on Yandex, GoDaddy terminates hosting of website, Fortinet VPN Passwords Leaked and more..

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00:00 Intro
Hosting, Data Center, Cloud Storage
00:22 Linode Triples Data Centers
00:54 Google One 5 TB
1:17 GoDaddy Terminates Hosting

VPN & Cybersecurity News
2:31 Surfshark One
3:12 Surfshark UPI Payment
3:33 ProtonMail Update
4:41 Fortinet VPN Passwords Leaked
5:23 How Indians store passwords

Blogging & WordPress News
5:57 WordPress 5.8.1 Security Update
6:14 Automattic Buys Plugin

General Digital News
6:35 WhatsApp Backup Encryption
7:09 ClickFunnels Acquire New Tools
7:46 Biggest DDOS Attack
8:22 Shutterstock to acquire PicMonkey
8:34 Deals

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18 thoughts on “DNews45 – Surfshark One, WhatsApp Backup Encryption, Biggest DDOS Attack, GoDaddy Terminates Hosting

  1. maine ek google drive link dekha jisme owener ka kon wo show nhi ho raha tha mai bhi waise share karna chahta hun but mere link me mera name or email address bhi show hota hai, please kaise hide karna h is bata do

  2. Hello Kripesh! I saw many of your videos that focused specially on saving playstore account from getting terminated.
    Recently i got two of my app suspended because of repetetive content violation.Though my new app was having certain additional features but still it was somehow very similar to my previous app. Is there anyway to remove these strike from my app?
    Will these strike remain forever in my play console account or like youtube after few months these strikes will be removed?

  3. Hello bro, First of all, thank you for your great video. I'm watching you for more than 1.5y. I have a video request, I'm trying to use k6.io but I'm not getting results like you. Maybe I have some misconfiguration. I hope will make a video or review in k6.io. Love from Bangladesh❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Kripesh sir
    मुझे recently,, एडसेंस अप्रूवल मिला है,,
    पर auto add लगाने के बाद,,मेरी site speed 96 से 👉 66 पर आ गई
    क्या इसका कारण (hostinger share hosting ) है,,इसी महीने मेरी hosting expire हो रही है
    क्या करूं ?

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