Diversity, Statebuilding and Peace – UN Chief briefs the Security Council (12 October 2021)

Secretary-General António Guterres today (12 Oct) told the Security Council that “without including a wide range of diverse voices at every step” of the peacebuilding process, “any peace will be short-lived.”

The UN chief, addressing an open debate on diversity, statebuilding and the search for peace, organized by Kenya, which holds the rotating Council presidency this month, said, “peace is not found in a piece of paper. It is found in people. More specifically, a diversity of people from different backgrounds coming together to chart a common course for a country.”

Guterres said, “while inequalities exist in every country, they are particularly rampant in countries where social services like health, education, security and justice are lacking. And where the scars of colonialism are still visible – seen in arbitrarily drawn borders, and historical advantages for certain groups over others.”

Against this backdrop, he added, “the COVID-19 pandemic has compounded inequalities, and reversed development and peacebuilding gains.”

Inequalities and weak governance structures, the Secretary-General said, “create a vacuum that is easily filled by the voices of intolerance and extremism that can lead to violent conflict.”

In his address, President Kagame of Rwanda underscored how peacebuilding “is not a purely technical enterprise.” He said, “it is deeply political and human and must take account of the emotions and memories that various parties bring to the table.”

On the situation in Ethiopia, former South African President Thabo Mbeki said, “the belligerence in Ethiopia should enter into a permanent ceasefire and engage one another in an inclusive national dialogue precisely to agree on what they should do together to achieve the very important and noble goal of unity and diversity. At the end of the Biafra war in Nigeria in 1970, the victorious national leaders announced that they would follow a policy of no victor, no vanquished. I believe, chairperson, that this is what Ethiopia needs.”

Talking to reporters outside the Council, President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya said, “many countries today seem unable to manage diversity. We have built a global system that increases divisions between, but also within nations. A system that believes there are races or genders which are inferior, or superior, or religions that are closer to God than others. Consequently, many of the conflict situations before our Security Council are directly or indirectly a consequence of poorly managed identity defined grievances.”

Today’s meeting, chaired by Kenyatta, was held because most situations on the Security Council’s agenda arise from internal conflicts in which identity issues—whether ethnic, racial, religious, or socioeconomic–play a part.

Full remarks [as delivered]: https://www.un.org/sg/en/node/260048


48 thoughts on “Diversity, Statebuilding and Peace – UN Chief briefs the Security Council (12 October 2021)

  1. Supply them with a technical knowledge,
    materials,technology,education,and don't overburden them by your IMF ripoff high interest rates is the best way to fight the man made poverty crisis and wars.

  2. Parabéns pelo trabalho mesmo com tantos esforços às mortes continua podendo dar várias vezes a volta ao mundo sem contar os anos anteriores ou seja não existe mais morte natural que Deus abençoe a todos sempre amém é ala clemente misericordioso

  3. Parabéns pelo trabalho mesmo com tantos esforços às mortes continua podendo dar várias vezes a volta ao mundo sem contar os anos anteriores morte natural não existe mais que Deus abençoe a todos sempre é ala clemente misericordioso

  4. Secretary General you Describe Peace, peace is not only found on peace of paper. IN OUR County Ethiopia peace is only Found in house of prime minster and His follower. These is great Problem in Our Country.

  5. UN should stop supporting terrorists in the name of human rights eg. the UN is supporting terrorists in ETHIOPIA called TPLF to accomplish the wish of indirect colonialism Ethiopia by US. STOP STOP SUPPORTING TERRORISTS!

  6. God bless you IOM head in Ethiopia for exposing TPLF's inhumanity to the world.
    We recognize UN as a mere fiction united created by and for USA,UK primarily.
    The poorest people in the world suffering from schizophrenia, madness and mass sin is Tigray, blinded by deception, Antichrist anti Orthodox Albania communist TPLF, idol to most.who deleted truth from the minds of most feeding them mere fiction denying God rejecting and abandoning. So God never leaves the people unpunished unless they return to Him,rather than worshiping before TPLF the most liar,looter robber drug addicted morally decayed and dead.
    Awake all Endertas Tenben and Agames against Satan on earth in Tigray, that is the only way for freedom not illusion and delusion inculcated by TPLF.
    Seek wisdom
    Avoid pride and greed
    Handover the evils to Ethiopians troops,who are waging wars to escape from justice.
    Moral and spiritual therapy highly needed in Tigray more than food.UN better send pastors,imams,priests psychologist sociologists anthropologist etc not food
    Game over
    God bless Ethiopia
    God's wrath and fierce fire on enemies of Ethiopia.

  7. ANTONIO GUTEREZZ . People are dying due to TPLF terror organization. You have to stop helping TPLF. History will judge you . You are not able to manage UN. Your staff are CURRPTED. Hands Off Ethiopia

  8. After the US spending $300,000,000 a day for 20 years and the UN getting a percentage of that… hasn’t the UN and the US learned ANYTHING?? You can’t dictate western values on cultures developed over millennia. The Middle East and Africa have their own cultural identities… their own values (tribal, Muslim) that DO NOT match western based culture. The UN knows this. The permanent security council (France, UK, China, Russia, US) has financial interests in particular, in Africa (natural resources)… so all the policies of peace in the regions of Africa and the Middle East must be viewed with this lens. The best policy is to stop interfering in these regions. They don’t want your equity or equality or gender renaming or women’s empowerment…. LEARN FROM AFGHANISTAN…. otherwise it looks like the UN is looking for money and control…. just like the colonists!

  9. I have zero confidence in UN. It is a stooge of five countries with veto power. The remaining 190 countries are there to clap when the five countries speak. Why the remaining 190 countries are still a "member" of the United Nation of five countries? I guess they enjoy clapping.

  10. When have been UN genuinely support the world equitably if not equally? Why UN denies Ethiopian rights repeatedly? Are Ethiopians not considered human or What ? We alk have the feeling and … We never forgot UN's action against its kaws, rules and regulation/agreed policies. Ethiopians are truthful and unlearn inhuman falsehood. Why?

  11. With All due respect secretary General more more focus On Building up clearing up conflicts. The only way to peace is to fully force The Rules and The laws of The land and policies Accountablity for been violatied violence threats is unnecessary when Death is in The air. Real Requirements are mandatory for The Doctor on security council construction. Justifying justice for neglectful negotiations is a repeatly reckless decision and is undercorruption and underfiring with law limitations of 300 for Health Hazards.

  12. Diversity? Who are the 5 UN permanent security council members? UN is established 74 years ago. The world has been dramatically changing since then. But UN is still from 74 years ago. Only China and Russia are the reliable, trustworthy and true members. The other 3 are like one working together for the worst of the world.

    As long as 3 from Africa, 3 additional from Asia, 2 from central and South America are not becoming part of the new has to be emerged 13 permanent security council member states, no one cares, respects or trusts UN. It is juts a bad show talking something while doing something else and always bad.

  13. You are criminals! We do not consent to build back better or a one world government. We will not give up our guns. We will fight for our freedoms in the United States of America. The election was stolen. We will thrive and come back stronger.

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