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I figured, since we’ve had so much loopy Cas and whatnot, I should make a video dedicated to the old!Cas that we all love and miss.

It may have also turned into a destiel vid. Don’t know how that happened. Ehem.

Hope you enjoy(ed) it!
– b e x

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40 thoughts on “castiel | grace&choice [dedicated to old!cas]

  1. Oh wow.
    I miss old!Cas. i mean, he's not now, in season nine and season in season eight what he was in his first few original seasons. Even his facial expressions and the way he looks at Dean and the way he views the world and the brothers is all changed. Okay, I know some of you want to go and say that he's more human now and that's a good thing, but woudn't it be nice to have just one episode where they could turn back the clock and literally have Dean and Sam and Cas all look at themselves from like, season four?
    I reitterate: I miss old!Castiel

  2. Castiel's story really resonates with us because we face many of the same choices in our lives that Castiel does as the series progresses. Who can we trust? Maybe not just with our lives, but with our emotions and truly dark secrets? Why are we are here, what is our purpose? Castiel's story is a comfort, knowing that despite all the mistakes, all the tragedies, all the betrayal & disappointment, he still has people who care & who need him. It reminds us to think about who we need & who needs us.

  3. "You'll build your walls and I will play my bloody part." It's as if every single line of this song fits SPN perfectly. And you used the best Castiel moments in a touching tribute that sums up his character (and his relationship with Dean) so well.

  4. Whether you think Dean and Cas should be together romantically or not is irrelevant. There is no Castiel without Dean. Everything Cas has done has been for Dean. Even when he's helping Sam. He knows that Dean will die without his brother, and Cas can't let that happen. I don't think it's just the fans that make Destiel a thing, it's the show. Castiel and Dean love each other. Brothers or lovers, it doesn't matter. They love each other.

  5. There is simply no Castiel without Dean, and there is no (sane) Dean without the presence of his angel. Constantly woven together in the story of their perspective lives ever since they met each other. Shattering destiny, overcoming death, defying rules and orders. This their life. This is their story.
    Brought to you by Mumford and Sons and the ever-awesome Deductism. The reason we love Cas? Right above.

  6. Oh wow. I just want to say again that I love your video. Favorite bit of today: When you have Dean's voiceover with "Then why don't you fight?" and you put a shot of Cas with duct tape over his mouth. I loved it because for years he was expected to obey and not make his own choices, and had no free will, and I just wow you're really great and the shots and voiceovers I just can't

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