Canada Day 2022: Thousands gather in Ottawa amid tight security

In-person Canada Day celebrations returned to Ottawa on Friday after a two-year absence due to COVID-19.

Tensions remain high amid a significant police presence, as thousands gathered in the streets of downtown Ottawa where residents continue to grapple with what police have acknowledged is “lingering trauma” from the convoy blockade earlier this year.

“I’m pleasantly pleased to see that it’s calm and quiet here,” said Marilyn Harvey who made the journey to Ottawa from Newfoundland.

“We just thought we’d take everything in stride,” said Rosemary Fife when asked if she was worried about protests.

In normal years, Canada Day festivities draw thousands to the streets around Parliament Hill for concerts, fireworks and parties.

This year, official celebrations are taking place at LeBreton Flats, the festival grounds that are roughly a 20-minute walk west of Parliament Hill.

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24 thoughts on “Canada Day 2022: Thousands gather in Ottawa amid tight security

  1. There is a photo on Facebook of parliament hill on Memorial day in 1967. There was an ocean of Canadians celebrating Canada. In 2022 we have two small groups separated by fences and police. This is what Trudeau has done.

  2. I guess this reporter is disappointed from people’s responses since no one really complained. Lol… Main stream medias are awful! Provoking questions did not work on this case!!!! 😂

  3. I have a toddler who has only met her grandmother three times although she only lives 45 minutes away across the peace bridge because we still have to quarantine for two weeks one coming back to Canada. I have not worked for two years because of the mandates and we can barely pay our bills. Why don’t you report on that. Suffering.

  4. Freedom is the main focus at this point. Men died for our freedoms as Trudeau tries to remove them. I support the freedom movement 100%. Happy Canada day! It will be a much better country once Trudeau is gone.

  5. Government is so afraid of regular Canadians! Even so far as to threaten people with arrests if you carry the Canadian flag. Shameful, when the politicians are supposed to be working for us not the other way around.

  6. Canada will be China next year if C-11 passes. The liberals need to be voted out yesterday. $90000 booze and food tab on just one flight is crap the liberals pull all the time.

  7. Trudeau's the real cause of the protests and instead of doing the sensible thing like discussion with the organizers, he chooses to go into hiding and sic his boys on them

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