BIG BOOST | Finally Obi of Onitsha speaks on Eastern Security Network

Ever since the formation of the the Eastern Security Network ESN by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB, there has been disagreements among Southeast leaders regards backing the organization or not. The highly respected Obi of Onitsha queries the IGP for wanting to stop the security outfit while the herdsmen who are unsettling communities are yet to be cautioned.

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22 thoughts on “BIG BOOST | Finally Obi of Onitsha speaks on Eastern Security Network

  1. I commend HRH Obi of Onisha. I never knew he existed while he watched his people being killed. IPOB is not a terrorist but, a movement saving lives and properties. Ndigbos regardless of their party affiliations should give total support to IPOB. Miyetti Allah, Iswap, bandits, Isis fighters with AK47 are all fulanis jihadist fighters.

  2. Please they should stop playing to the gallery. I mean the eastern leaders. Obisno should be bold enough to tell them that they are not allowed in the state wondering around in the name of grazing. If they want to do business in the state, they should purchase a land build their ranch and be recognized as a farm. Even we the indigenous people that's what we do even in our own land.
    Now for the issues of carrying Ak-47. The indigenous people of biafra pleaded the Nigeria securities to stop the killings and attacks on them for more than 10 years . They refused, instead they went from behind and equipt their foot soldier's to come and be killings our people. Now I plead and beg our gallant ESN Operatives not to lower their guns until they come to a conclusive system on how to run the zoo Nigeria, by first of all, completely bringing up a new constitution for a viable system that will recognize every body in true federalism through or disintegrate the by referendums in either of the above.

  3. Those Bandits that kidnapping people all over the Country with A-k47k and they went there to negotiating with them on top of A-k47k and others dangerous weapons . What have they done to them? ESN MUST STAY. Forget about Obiano and his Tuface because he has finished his tenure. he is not the one that brought Soldiers to Anambra state to Kill IPOB?

  4. Thank to the Obi of Onitsha for the first time he can speak out on the atrocities that are committing in Nigeria by the people on the heads.
    Pls ask Obiano how much have he collected from his class mates the Miyetti allah, that killed his people on daily basis ??
    Obiano how many Fulani herdsmen, or bandits and kidnappers, have been arrested by the Fulani Police and Army those you bought hundreds of vehicles, with Anambra funds, and gave, in the name of fighting insecurity in the State???
    Obiano bought the vehicles for hundreds of their checkpoints in the state, for extortion, torturing, killing and raping of innocent Biafrans in his state, but did not buy a vehicle for the state community vigilantees , who can fight the Fulani herdsmen his classmates. Obiano must submit the account of N500,000 per a person killed by his classmates.

  5. They should stop talking about police and army most of the DPO and commissioners of police and army chiefs are Fulanis, so they will not take any action against their fellow Fulanis, because they are happy with what they are doing

  6. They should stop talking about Nigeria police and army, most of them in change of the forces are Fulanis, so they are not going to take any action against the fellow killer Fulanis

  7. As long as police.and military keep killing Innocent ESN nd Ipob members them too will face it equally…let uzodima military nd police Vacate Our land for Peace to Rein.. emagen terrorists nd killers are been compensated in North while military are killing Innocent ESN nd Ipob in SE…Injustice to Highest Order….

  8. Anyone support is a realy child of with out evil intentions against his or her own people meaning ESN is not for evil and the good life of there biafran people ofcos therefore tks to MNK and our ESN too,may God bless them and one love IPOBS

  9. Obiano can stay neutral all he wants, we don't want fulani in our communities including IGP because they are happy with shedding the blood of Biafrans and if the continue we will give the the same treatment.

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