Back in Stock: Budget 5kWh 24/48V Server Rack LiFePO4

Available for pre-order. Only 2200 units available till the next shipment (affiliate links):
EG4 Budget Model 48V:
Gyll (Pro Version) 48V:
24V Budget Model:
24V Pro Model:
12V Model:

Just a heads-up everyone, these batteries will be out of stock pretty soon. They have x1600 48V models and x600 24V models.

Battery Chargers:
48V Model 95% efficiency:
24V 95% efficiency Chargers:
My blue charger for 12/24V systems:

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50 thoughts on “Back in Stock: Budget 5kWh 24/48V Server Rack LiFePO4

  1. Will, How about a low temperature disconnect test? I would really like to know how one of these would perform in my all season RV. Love your videos. Keep up the great work.

  2. I met James at his shop in Texas and specifically talked about you during that conversation back in July. I had picked up their growatt system and it has been bulletproof thus far. Patiently waiting for my two 48v batteries to come in. (Propane/generator cost is ridiculous for my off grid home) Was supposed to be in the first round but was jerked around by someone. But happily, finally have some coming. also super glad you finally got some to review!

  3. I would like to connect these batteries to an old Trace SW4024 dual inverter power panel with dual C40 charge controllers hooked up to approximately 2k of panels (1k per controller).

    I'm concerned because the C40 is a PWM controller and I've heard rumors that these can damage BMSes and LiFePo batteries. Can you give me any advice here? Will the C40 be safe to use with my these batteries or do I need to upgrade to a different charge controller to avoid battery/BMS damage?

  4. It would be interesting to find out whether these could also be mounted sideways or upright and which connection method was used for the busbars, because I don't see any screws that connect the cells to each other.

  5. The 'Budget' model has a weird pole configuration. Suspect the slimmer side is what energizes the electronics and the larger side disconnects the mains. Compared to the 'Pro' which has a mains disconnect and a separate switch which appears to energize the electronics and/or enable/disable the display? Got me thinking (perhaps the next revision will do this) that the serial communication (two ports labeled 'RS485' on 'Budget', see a total of four on 'Pro' CAN/RS485/2xBattery-Comm).. suspect that one can stack multiple 'Pro' units together over CAN, but the ports labeled 'Battery-Com' look like the 'Budget' RS485 .. Got me thinking it be nice to stack both models together (one 'Pro' and one-or-more 'Budgets') and somehow have the information for each rack unit be 'accessible' on the display. The manual link is missing for both models so… One could hope!

  6. For my camping van conversion, I am thinking of getting an EG4 24V pack pair with a Growatt 24V SPF 3000TL LVM then I am already halfway done with the electrical system with 5kWh storage…save me ton of space compare to buy components separately ( Battery, inverter, MPPT charge controller, Dc-Dc charger etc….)

  7. I came across the Gyll batteries awhile back as I was taking down notes for a new build, noticed several months ago that they were gone… vanished. At least now I know why, rebranded but no link to inform/redirect to the new product – Irritating :/

    Still, 2 of the Pro version and a 48v minisplit should keep us nice and cool in South Florida for a loooong time. Ten year warranty, rack mounted and no need to DIY? I'm happy to pay for quality if it streamlines my build and it's AMAZING how quickly systems have evolved with solar over the past 5yrs. The server rack's no big deal, I work in AV and they're constantly getting tossed out, upgraded from older theaters and showrooms. Just slot it in the back part of the truck, bolt it to the floor and strap it to the rear wall for 8 points of secure contact.

  8. Well you could be my son well you could be my son and if you were I would tell you take a self-tapping screw and screw through Each corner of your racking for Extra Strength I have had them slip I have lived and learned love your videos

  9. I just love your videos. I have a question for you for a video. So I have a 26" Mid-cabin motorboat at 2,5 tones (Searay, Bayliner type from the 90-s). It has a 300 Hp V8 that eats gas like crazy. Could you make a recommended setup for a 10 KW 48V engine that I would stick in a slaughtered 15 HP outboard. Batteries at around 20-40 KW being feed by solar and land current. Around 1,5 KW would be the max solar we could fit on our boat. This would not replace the 300 HP, but you could cruise at “sailboat speeds” when you are not in a hurry. No noise, no pollution, no smell…

  10. if i could afford a system with those batteries and inverter i know my moms house would need 3 of those possibly so there is extra redundancy in the event of a power outage there is extra wiggle room in the event said outage lasts all day as i estimate atleast during the summer my moms house would use nearly 10kw a day but i would need to see the utility bill to see if that is accurate

  11. I have the 48v Charger that's rated for 25 amps, but so far I can only get 16-18 amps of charging current out of it. It doesn't seem to want to charge at a higher rate. Does anyone have any suggestions to get the full rated current? I have already looked into replacing the wire leads from the inside of the charger with thicker wire, but it's completely sealed and the leads are not replaceable.

  12. If this had been available when I started my solar journey, it's very likely I'd have gone this route. Buying my own cells, BMS, top balance, dealing with overseas supplier counterfeit cells hassles, etc has proven to be quite an endeavor. Months and months out, and it's still ongoing. I could have been up and running almost a year ago.

  13. I recently bought one SOK 206 Amp Hour Battery and waiting for my second one to be delivered, I would have bought one of these instead if I knew about them and thinking maybe I will return the one coming but not sure that I want to have two dissimilar Batteries, I heard that it’s best to have the same Batteries in a multi Battery System.

  14. Humm, They're in Sulpher Springs, Texas; I live in Houston, about a 6-hour drive to save freight. The 12-volt 400ah battery interests me. I bought a sweet 28-foot 1988 Mallard Class C in good shape and need a battery bank. $1500 ain't bad; I'm thinking on it. The problem is that I can build a cheaper bank with EVE cells, but delivery is an issue. A friend ordered some from one of Will's associates some time ago and is still waiting. He hears it's on a container ship off California. Should I spend twice as much for a really good 400ah, or wait for who knows how long for one that will be 560ah that I still have to build. Decisions decisions.

  15. Been using mix of 5 of the eg4 and gyll on a growatt 3000es in a cabin. 110v only setup with a minisplit system and 2000w of panels. So far no problems, use a small pc connected the the com ports so I can remote in and look at all the batteries and their SOC. I am really happy with the performance.

  16. Own 2 of the similar ones Signature Solar Gylls, older version without display. Been powering my shop for over 2 months. Easiest setup possible. Connect power to inverter, connect the communication cables. Do a few changes on the comms and off and going. They worked with growatt to make sure that the batteries would talk to the inverter and it shows. If I expand my system, I would get those.

  17. Every video you make about these new batteries and solar panels makes me even more excited for when metal building finally gets built. I'll have all the electricity I need for the same cost of installing new service + 1 year electricity costs on an unimproved lot.

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