4.7% COLA Raise for Social Security, SSDI & SSI Benefits in 2022

4.7% cola raise for Social Security, SSDI, and SSI benefits in 2022
In this video, we discussed the cost of living adjustment for Social Security, SSDI, Social Security disability, and SSI, supplemental security income. At this time, because of all of the inflation and the rise in CPI otherwise known as consumer price index, it is estimated that the cost of living adjustment or COLA in 2022 for Social Security, SSDI, survivors, retirement, and SSI benefits will be in line with roughly 4.7% which is one of the highest raises we have seen in many many years. This is even a low estimate as to some figures, some people are suggesting that thought COLA, cost-of-living adjustment for Social Security, disability, retirement, SSDI, survivors, as as I could be even higher, possibly even the highest we have seen in decades. We will continue watching this very closely as inflation is very high right now and many people who receive these fixed income benefits are relying on additional raises to their benefits to keep up with pricing and prices. This is an update on the COLA or cost-of-living adjustment for Social Security, this is a figure that is typically released in the fall and the adjustment takes place the following year, however at this time many people are anticipating a very high COLA or a cost-of-living adjustment for 2022. How much is the COLA for 2022, that is what we discussed in this video.
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25 thoughts on “4.7% COLA Raise for Social Security, SSDI & SSI Benefits in 2022

  1. We can barely getting by now. Inflation is very evident every time you walk into any store. I do not have the luxury not shopping around. I ride the bus and it is only able to go to one store without changing buses. Last week I had to go to the doctor. Again no bus. I took Uber and it was $28.00 each way. Changed insurances which means new doctor's. I don't have a choice on doctor's. I had a hard time because a lot of Doctor's are not taking new patients. Iwhen at grocery last week I wanted to buy a pack of 3 Small beef ribs . I had to put it back it was 18.00. I do not qualify for Snap because I make too much on my SS. I only have meat a couple of times a week. Rice I s my staple. I am not getting all of my meds. If it is not tier one I do with out. I am 73and have several health issues that prevents me from working. I did apply for help and I received a letter from Ron De Santos, the governor of Florida. It said trying to get benefits that I am not entitled to is a felony. I do not have anyone except my grandson and he has his family. He feeds me a few times of the month if he can. He works long hours and was able to work during lock down. His mother was my only child 😭 but she was killed by a drunk driver when he was a baby. Thankfully I was still working and helped raise him . I am so thankful for him and my great grandson and everything I do have. At least I have a roof over my head. So many homeless now and it breaks my heart. God Bless you Matt and your wonderful family. Sorry for the long letter my I needed to say this, no one else to talk to.🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️

  2. Well if we can fix SS SSDI SSI VA to 125% above poverty level plus 4.7 COLA and get rid of the out pocket Medicare and don’t forget to keep the SNAP benefits that would be great, Thanks Matt for your great work

  3. Did you stop to think about this. One third of the older and ill seniors will be alive to get it. The government needs to help seniors now. This is just an distraction from the $200 they keep lying about. There is no reason they can't get the $200 raise now or the 4th stimulus check. My son on ssdi is still waiting for his third stimulus. He lives on less then a thousand a month. They can't even complete the 2nd and third, what makes you think they are capable of doing a 4th. Love ya Matt, you really do care. Keep fighting for us please.🙂

  4. Inflation — or higher prices — is the enemy of people who rely on benefits and fixed incomes. It is better to have low inflation and low cost of living increases.

    If you are lucky enough to have a pension you are probably out of luck because most pensions do not have a cost of living adjustment. Five years in a row of 5% inflation cuts down your pension's value by one-quarter forever.

    It is very bad that the prices of food, rent, houses, healthcare, etc., are going up so much now and are expected to keep rising for a while. There will be a day that minimum wage goes up at last and that may make prices rise a bit. But at least workers will benefit.

    I just hope that the prices don't rise as much as some people think. Inflation has not been a problem for over 40 years. It is a terrible problem we do not want. 6/23/21

  5. They've been lying to the American people for years and robbing them of their social security and disability true inflations over 14% I don't know what planet they live on I know my utilities probably 3 to 400% more than they used to be 20 years ago

  6. 4.7% isn't nearly good enough ! Last year my Cola gave me $24. So ridiculous ! Let's get some real numbers that actually reflect what the real inflation rate is ! How do we get that changed ?

  7. The government just plays with our SSI and ssdi community.
    They give in one dept , social security then a different dept takes it away.
    Damm shame America.

  8. No I don’t think $35 is gonna make any bit a difference. Because, I’m getting the maximum of the food stamp benefit right now at 234. And like you said in another video when it goes back down to normal, I’m gonna be screwed six ways from Sunday.
    Basically, it doesn’t matter how much they give us, January of next year, if things continue to go up in price like they probably will, doesn’t matter. Whatever we get, it’s not going to offset the cost of things rising in cost. Never has, never will. Sorry, but it’s a joke.
    The losers who run the government and I don’t care who’s in office, They have no stinking clue what it’s like to live on a disability or fixed income.

    The United States is the most prosperous Country in the world, and I’m grateful to live here, but at the same time we as people who are on a fixed income get crapped on all the time.

  9. $35 wouldn’t gonna wear my hat we need more than that we need at least two to $300 raise to get through these hard times and keep go on with life inflation is really hard people are on a fixed income can’t afford things right now as it goes

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