🔴The TRUTH about VPNs. You NEED to see this! 2020 (Kodi / Streaming / APK / Security)

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Hi everyone, In this video, I answer some of the most common questions regarding VPNs. Let me know if you like it.
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A VPN protects your privacy online, secures your Internet connection and restores your freedom. Without a VPN for Streaming, your ISP can and will see all of your internet activity and traffic. This can cause the internet provider to throttle your internet connection and that will impact the performance of your streaming APPS. You can set up a VPN on most of the streaming Devices you currently use including Android, iOS, OSX, Windows and even directly to your wireless router. You can use the VPN router setup to cover your home so you don’t have to worry about using Streaming APPS on Amazon Fire TV Stick and Fire TV👍
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35 thoughts on “🔴The TRUTH about VPNs. You NEED to see this! 2020 (Kodi / Streaming / APK / Security)

  1. Well explained my friend. Out of ALL the videos I have watched which were many, you were the first person to explain how this works in a easy to understand way. Kudos 2 U !!!!

  2. I have used IPVanish, but even with that the BBC would not let me download a program (even with a UK server) . It was the same with my bank, they wouldn't let me carry on until I turned it off. And has for my internet speeds dropped sometimes to nothing.

  3. You guys are right to think of speed loss because of where you are located. Basically, your options are limited in comparison with people in the U.S.A so as a result you have never experienced how it is possible to be connected through a VPN and get even better latency without losing any speed. The main purpose for us here, is being more secure and not much of other things.

  4. I dont use a VPN when using real debrid but if im streaming stuff say on a 1 click apk that doesnt support RD, i use it. And when I use iptv i def use one. But for like cinema,cyberflix and beetv i use real debrid and never had any issues legally or otherwise not using a VPN

  5. Do not use a VPN service run in the USA. THE NSA or other intelligence agencies are believed to have infiltrated them. Nord or Private Internet Access is not USA companies and are have protected themselves from US spy agencies.
    PIA keeps NO LOGS whatsoever so there are no logs to be grabbed if they were infiltrated or served with a warrant, subpoena, or outright seized. I am not sure about NORD. They may be the same.
    Not shilling for either. I followed the advice and lead of Linus Tech Tips. Having their Internet spied on or monitored is totally against their beliefs. I too believe in a free Internet. I don't do anything illegal, I just hate being the product for Big Data or possibly having something I may have inadvertently done used against me.

  6. I’ve a burning question I can’t find answers anywhere to it and wondered if you know.

    I just got a fire stick , I’m watching 2 other tech channels here on YouTube and they recommend a movie app called theatre plus, – On the app I quickly looked at there is no request for me to use any vpn – whereas when I’ve loaded some free movie websites, they do ask for people to use vpns –

    I read LiveWire article to identify legal movie sites and even after reading this article , Theatre Plus still looks ok to me to watch without a vpn

    I live in France and I’m using the home modem broadband all the time.

    My concern is – I’ve heard that internet providers can “Fine You” 😱

  7. 6:45 how do you know your VPN is a secure network (Nord VPN p.e.). Using a VPN is like going on a public WIFI. the next part is when you are using HTTPS you are encrypted.
    A VPN is only as secure as the VPN server.

  8. I’ve never used a vpn on my firestick for 3 years of using jailbreak… I feel like most people push it because they make money from it. If anyone has ever actually gotten into legal trouble because of their firestick please leave a comment I’m curious

  9. What is your response to people (i.e. Wolfgang's Channel on YouTube) who suggest that one should stop using VPNs because they aren't as effective as they claim?

  10. Am in India, needed to run my Amazon Prime videos that I had on my list in the USA. No luck after trying several free and Mullvad for which I paid for a month. Amazon is smart to these VPNs. Articles say that Nord VPN and Express VPN can outsmart Amazon but I'm not spending any more money.

  11. hi i know this was made a year ago but please please please answer my question..

    my phone said i had 27 viruses after using a adult website? what does that mean like and then it told me to get vpn guard but idk if it’s a scam but it’s for money soo..

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